One of the hardest challenges veterans integrating into civilian life face is finding a steady job. Among the 326,000 unemployed veterans in 2018, 54% were aged 25 to 54, 40% were aged 55 and over, and 6% were aged 18 to 24 – many with families to feed and bills to pay.

But for many veterans, the job search is an alien concept. They are faced with constant challenges when it comes to translating their military experience into civilian employment, jumping over certification hurdles, and potentially anxious about how a disability such as post-traumatic stress disorder could keep them from getting a job.

It can be confusing, intimidating, expensive, and a detriment to a person’s health. The stress and anxiety of looking for a job can lead to depression, especially when unemployed for six months or longer, with veterans being more at risk of suicide. With our Hire a Veteran Project we hope to make a difference.

The Hire a Veteran project ® aims to combat all of these blockers. Our goal is to make the job search process as simple as possible by building and listing resources to help transitioning military and veterans.

Our main site, is focused on resources for veterans and transitioning military, consisting of nationwide Veteran Job Fair listings, transition assistance seminars, free resume support resources, Veterans support organizations and other job search resources and opportunities. We hope to be the ultimate point of reference for those looking to start, enhance or change their careers, as well as those looking to hire a veteran.


Hiring veterans isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes perfect business sense. Your support is vital in allowing us to continue to help veterans with their next job opportunity, comfortably integrating them back into a working community. They’ve given so much for us, it’s time we give something back.

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